Osteoporosis - A Choice, Not A Disease!

There are about 1.5 million hip fractures every year in America. It happens to ladies 4 times as often as to gentlemen. Research strongly suggests that most of those fractures could have been prevented if people performed more weight bearing to build up their bone strength. With the Wellness Belt now available, osteoporosis becomes a simple convenient lifestyle choice - not a disease, because it makes your bones stronger, denser and more resilient every day - naturally. You can actually choose to eliminate osteoporosis from your life starting right now.

Parents Canada Magazine March 2012 www.parentscanada.com

"Weight-bearing activities, such as walking, running, basketball, gymnastics and soccer are best for building bone density. 'Weight bearing' means any exercise that is done while on your feet that works your muscles and bones against gravity. In the same way that muscles get stronger the more you use them, bones become stronger and denser the more work they do. Whether it's organized sports, playing outside, or a combination of the two, weight-bearing exercise builds healthy bones."

Why is a Wellness Belt so effective at making your bones stronger, more resilient, healthier and more dense?

The Wellness Belt's hidden, internal weights cause additional gravitational forces to flow through the bones of our hips and legs whenever you are on your feet. It is that increase in compression force plus the shock waves that are sent upwards when your heel hits the ground during walking and running that causes the brain to respond by making the necessary changes. That's why our bones automatically become stronger, denser, more resilient and healthier every day it is worn.

Why wait until you are told that you have osteopenia or osteoporosis and living in fear? By wearing your own personal Wellness Belt, you can completely prevent it in the first place. If you do have it, reverse it with your own Wellness Belt. You do have ultimate control over your own health.

Recommendation: please increase your calcium intake when you begin wearing your Wellness Belt. You'll need it.

Hear From the Doctor:

From Our Customers:

"Jamell H

Dr Craig, I received my belt in February and I had my yearly bone density done and my report showed that I am making an improvement in my bones. I AM THRILLED...I have only worn it for 2 and a half months and already I am improving....In CHRIST..."

Due to the weight of this item, you will be starting a light physical fitness program; if you have any existing medical concerns you should consult with your doctor prior to beginning use.