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Correct Posture and It's Importance

Why is posture correction so important?

This weighted wardrobe accessory is designed to help correct your posture and put your spine into proper functional alignment so your spinal cord and nerves will have reduced irritation and compression. It is that continuous irritation and compression on your nervous system that makes life miserable, producing pain, degeneration, arthritis and a host of other spinal problems. The Wellness Belt can dramatically improve your ability to live a healthy and more functional life at any age.

Proper posture also provides more room for your lungs and diaphragm to expand. This cuts down on your shallow breathing, makes you take deeper breaths, and fuller exhales, increases your oxygen intake and expels that left over carbon dioxide from your lungs. Ridding your bloodstream of CO2 alkalizes your blood ph which helps combat osteoporosis and fights cancer.

What is poor posture?

If you look at our general population, you will notice a general postural configuration with slouched shoulders and the head carried too far forward. Also you will notice a swayback, or the curve of the lower back being too tight. You should also see that the person's derriere is sticking out, the tummy is prominent, and on females, the breasts are not prominent.

Corrected posture results in the derriere being tucked in, the chest / breasts more prominent, shoulders and head back and more gradual lumbar, thoracic and cervical spinal curves. Also the tummy tightens and the person stands a little taller. This is a much more attractive appearance overall.

How does the Wellness Belt correct posture?

Posture After Wellness Belts The Wellness Belt is narrower across the front of the person, then it widens at the sides and back of the wearer - that is where the weight blocks are located - mainly towards the wearer's back. This weight placement causes your pelvis to rotate up at the front and down at the back. This pelvic rotation causes your spinal posture to correct and a cascade of nice things to happen.

What benefits are gained from a corrected posture?

Many of our customers have reported the following results from wearing the Wellness Belt: reduced or eliminated most common spinal conditions, fewer and less intense headaches and/or migraines, increased neck range of motion and elimination of menstrual cramping. Also people with scoliosis have reported reduced tightness in the spine, and others suffering from chronic back pain have reported reduced pain when going from the sitting to the standing position. Some clients have also found they can sleep free of back pain when they wear their Wellness Belt to bed. Check out the Spinal Conditions page for a complete description.

Wearing the Wellness Belt is so comfortable that most clients can't even feel it when it is on their body.

Simply choose your appropriate size, and hopefully soon you too will enjoy the same kinds of results that have helped thousands of other Wellness Belts customers.



Due to the weight of this item, you will be starting a light physical fitness program; if you have any existing medical concerns you should consult with your doctor prior to beginning use.