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Wellness BELT
Risk Free for "90 Days"

Introducing The BEST Way to Get Rid of Your Bad Back and that "Spare Tire" - While Getting Toned, Fit and Much More - RISK-FREE!

The Clinically Proven Wellness Belt

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The Innovative and Revolutionary Wellness Belt is the most effective and cost-effective solution ever discovered for chronic back conditions, osteoporosis, improved gait stability, fitness and active aging, knee and hip strengthening, muscle toning and removing unwanted body fat.

The Wellness Belt is definitely less costly and more effective than whatever other approach you are currently taking or considering for these conditions!

It will save you money and deal with your struggles, outperforming all the other "high-tech" approaches, by a country mile.

Plus, it is a harmless and drug-free registered Medical Device.

On top of all that, it takes no time out of your busy day!

Our Smart Wellness Belt provides Wellness in several major ways. There is no need to change your daily routine. Just put it on in the morning and forget about it!

The Wellness Belt has saved many of our customers substantial costs of drugs, medical interventions, therapy, missed work, and much suffering.

All of these blessings are simply due to the elimination of the requirement for such interventions in their lives and because of the Wellness Belt's superior effectiveness and affordable cost. More on cost below ...

Our invention truly changes people's lives in significant, and positive ways, while taking absolutely no time out of your busy day.

Wellness Belts are very heavy in your hands, but you do not feel their weight when you are wearing one. But those weights are there performing their duty and you don't even realize it!

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Dr. Craig's eBook -We're Weighting On You - Why Wearing Weights Do So Many Positive Things For Us!
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Losing Body Fat

At this time every year, many are concerned about that extra "winter insulation" they have packed on over the last couple of months. The Wellness Belt is a terrific calorie-burning invention that makes you exercise without even realizing it. Spring will be here soon and our product can be your solution to be back in shape by then.

Bad Backs, Spinal Conditions

Nothing takes care of spinal problems like the amazing Wellness Belt!

Would your life be changed if your spinal problem were eliminated within a few days? That's exactly what the Wellness Belt has done for about 93% of people who were suffering from many common spinal problems, or "bad backs".

Fitness and Toning

The Wellness Belt turns your normal everyday activities into a continuous, gentle, fat-burning, heart strengthening, muscle toning, bone strengthening weight-bearing workout that you won't even notice while it's happening! This safe and very effective approach often produces a loss of from 1 to 3 inches in the first month! That's without spending any time working out at all.

Building Strong, Healthy Bones, Reversing Osteoporosis

Whenever you are on your feet with a weighted Wellness Belt on, your hip bones are becoming stronger, denser and more resilient. That's right - even just standing still is causing increased gravitational forces upon those bones, so you can quit worrying about a hip fracture from osteoporosis.

Posture Improvement

The Wellness Belt's strategically placed hidden internal weights instantly corrects your posture, just as we all do when we believe we are being watched. Your more erect posture improves your appearance while eliminating the underlying cause of almost all spinal conditions. In this area, NOTHING else can make this claim, and NOTHING else is anywhere near as effective.

Don't Get Dressed Without It

To anyone looking at you, this belt appears to be a fashion accessory, a stylish addition to your wardrobe, while it is working on your body to dramatically improve your personal level of health, fitness and wellness. It is so easy to use that "Don't Get Dressed Without It" summarizes the user instructions.

What exactly is "Wellness"? Wellness is about preventing illness and becoming the healthiest you possibly can but is also about eliminating the common health struggles many are experiencing.

 Hello, I'm Dr. Craig Curphey, the product’s co-inventor and this is the love of my life and my lovely wife, Dr. Elda Curphey.

We have created a revolutionary new product in our clinical practice that has impacted the lives of many of our patients and thousands of others.

I would like to go into a little more depth about the various benefits of our unique product. Below on this page, I will touch on some of them. You can click on the tabs at the top of this page to focus in on any of the benefits. My eBook is the place for full information.

I'm going to show you how it can change your life by making those spinal problems and those unwanted, annoying inches and pounds DISAPPEAR quickly, and how you can enjoy better health and fitness and reduce your chances of hip fracture, and more, just by putting on a belt!

An Accredited Device

The Wellness Belt, a patented, Class 1 Medical Device by Health Canada, can do both for you, and do it quickly, and in a purely natural way and much more quickly than you might believe possible.

It Is My Honour and Privilege to Introduce to you: The "Amazing" New:

Wellness Belt

I call it AMAZING because of the many MAJOR things it does for your health. These major health and fitness benefits are what you could enjoy if you were performing a regular fitness program and if you weren’t restricted by a bad back.

So try the Wellness Belt for yourself and experience life again. You have nothing to lose except whatever you have been struggling with, and everything to gain.

Let me begin by sharing the biggest surprise of our careers ... shortly after we began to use the Wellness Belt in our practice for osteoporosis reversal, our patients began to tell us about a very unexpected side effect they were experiencing.

This is what they were saying: "Since I began wearing this belt, my back pain has stopped". Or, "My sciatica has pretty much gone away". Or, "The numbness and burning pain has stopped". There were many such comments indicating that their various spinal conditions had simply ceased to exist!

At first, my wife and I did not understand that we had discovered the most effective solution for spinal problems in history. Since nothing like this had ever been reported or documented in the medical literature, we actually were doubtful that what our patients had been experiencing was anything other than a temporary fluke or a placebo.

Such skepticism should be expected in the face of something so radically unique.

As time progressed, our patients were bringing their family, friends and colleagues into our clinic for their bad backs.

But not to see us ... to buy a Wellness Belt!

Now after 7 years of experience behind us, we know that up to 93% of people who are suffering with all kinds of spinal issues will be relieved of their struggles very quickly after beginning to use their Wellness Belt. Even people with histories of invasive spinal surgeries!

They actually get their lives back!

Spinal problems have been a real challenge among the population - I dare say that everyone knows others who are struggling - it is so common - and the typical struggle is a life long one, unfortunately. That's because traditional interventions have not performed particularly well.

That's why we had a difficult time accepting the possibility that what our patients were telling us could be real.

That's also why the impact on the person who has been struggling with back problems is so huge.

Another common issue among our population is that most people aren't even getting enough exercise to stay healthy. I was in that category.

I, like many of you, have spent most of my life looking for that "magic bullet" that would allow me to finally achieve the permanent weight loss and level of physical fitness that had escaped me for so long, because I have been too busy to get the physical activity necessary.

But now there is a new and effective Solution!

The Solution?  ...  the Wellness Belt.

This is the world's ONLY stylish and Fashionable, Patented, weighted dress belt. 

During your normal day to day activities, it provides sufficient extra weight-bearing exercise to produce fat loss, loss of inches and weight and several other major health & fitness benefits without unwanted negative side effects such as those produced by medication or diet modification. 

This is THE WORLD'S EASIEST FAT & INCHES LOSS PROGRAM ... just put on a belt and forget about it! So you're actually working out while you perform your normal day-to-day activities! But you don’t even notice it, because even though it is very heavy in your hands, you can't feel the weight when it is on your body!

This product is so beautiful, you can wear it anywhere, anytime, and we encourage you to do exactly that, because the more active you are, the more of a work out you are achieving.

Other people can't tell that you are wearing anything different than a normal, attractive, high-end dress belt.

Every movement you make becomes a size-dropping, fat-burning, bone-strengthening activity!

It is a much safer and more effective way to reverse & prevent osteoporosis...

It helps increase muscle mass and improves your physical fitness ...

It corrects your posture and straightens your spine (which corrects almost all causes of back pain even in cases with neurological impingement) and improves your appearance ... and a lot more! 

Wear it from when you get dressed in the morning until bedtime. The more you wear it, and do whatever you need to do every day, the more health benefits you get! Many people even wear it to bed to eliminate back pain at night so they can fall asleep.

The Patented Wellness Belt is so effective at producing positive physiological changes to people that it has been classed as a "Medical Device" by Health Canada (License #2080).

 Health Canada is Canada's equivalent of America's FDA or FTC and is responsible for regulating drugs and devices making health claims.

Because of this, many of our customers find the Wellness Belt is covered under their health benefits as an assistance device.

There are no magnets or batteries in this product. Just the simple scientific facts related to weight-bearing exercise and posture correction.

We call it AMAZING because it is a single product but it produces many MAJOR health and fitness benefits. We know of no other product that can make that claim.

And I want you to have it for 90 DAYS RISK-FREE* so you can try it and see what it will do for you! 

Many of us, if we are totally honest, will admit to ourselves that we should be getting more exercise. That was my own personal situation.


I was painfully aware that I was not maintaining the fitness levels of my youth, but I was just too busy to get to it. I kept thinking that as soon as things settled down, I'd get around to it and start an exercise program. I could control my diet. As a doctor, I understand the proper food choices and the various quantities to eat. No problem there.

Most commercially available weight loss programs are strictly about diet. (Ironically, there is some pretty good research suggesting that dieting actually makes you fat!).

Also it may disturb you a little to know that many of those pounds lost by diet manipulation are pounds of muscle lost. Losing muscle is not a good thing as it leads to knee replacements. My eBook goes into a great discussion of that issue. What we really want to lose is FAT, which is exactly what the Wellness Belt does.

But controlling diet alone is not enough. We must have a reasonable amount of exercise or activity to burn off calories. We must use our muscles and heart and body regularly.

That's how we were designed by our Creator.

Essentially, it boils down to this: "Use it or Lose it".

If we don't use our body we will lose it. Bit by bit or all at once. We see that every day in our office. Most patients are there because they are not getting enough exercise, or their posture is slowly messing up their spine.

You can get the best weight loss results with PROPER diet PLUS exercise.

So, Dr. Elda and I regularly encourage our patients to increase their levels of activity as part of the schedule of care. But they just don't comply!

We have tried threatening and scaring them. It makes no difference.

The COLD HARD TRUTH is that only about 1 out of 10 would voluntarily comply.

The other 90% would simply refuse because they were "too busy".

Or they simply "don't like working out". Or it is "too expensive".

As a doctor providing care, my effectiveness for the patient would be limited or restricted by that refusal. We truly want to be more effective for our patients.

We realized that for the great majority of us, our very busy lifestyles don't allow us the time to go and work out.

Or perhaps we simply don't enjoy exercise. So we're not getting as much activity as we really need for better health.

We may even have reached the point of experiencing various degenerative symptoms and we have sought help.

But the vast majority of people are not getting enough exercise mainly because it is inconvenient, and that's all there is to it!

But the Wellness Belt can easily solve that problem for you. How convenient is it?

Just put it on and forget about it!

What could be more convenient than putting on a belt?


Diet pills perhaps, but there are a litany of dangerous side effects and other problems with drugs. How dangerous is wearing a belt by comparison? There is no comparison - it isn't dangerous and will not harm you, unlike drugs.

Your Wellness Belt weighs between 5 and 14 pounds, depending upon its length. Try to imagine carrying 8 pounds around all day long. It feels very heavy in your hand. But, interestingly, you will hardly notice the extra weight when you wear it, so you can perform your normal movements without any restriction at all.

You'll get a sustained workout that lasts all the time you're on your feet - doing chores, shopping, doing yard work, walking, going up and down stairs, helping customers and so on. Your body must strain a little extra to accomplish those normal daily activities. You're actually "working out" while you're not “officially” working out!

And that exercise accumulates day after day after day. You just keep improving.

Natalie before the Wellness Belt

Wearing the Wellness Belt for only 4 hours a day while you are on your feet doing typical activities makes you burn off about the same amount of calories as going to the gym three times a week and lifting 25 pounds for one-half hour each time. That much increased activity can generate significant loss of weight and / or inches.

Now you have no excuse. You can become a thinner, stronger, healthier you!

Natalie After Wearing the Wellness BeltBut why take my word for it?  We have witnessed plenty of success stories.

Perhaps you would prefer to hear it from the horse's mouth. These are pictures of Natalie before and after wearing her Wellness Belt. To watch Natalie describe her results click here: NatShares

Imagine what it does for you when you wear it every hour you’re awake! Your body would be doing a lot of extra weight-bearing exercise all of those hours and you would get all the increased health benefits, without changing your normal daily activities or working up a sweat.

You can lose inches and weight around the waist, buttocks and legs while strengthening and building up your abs, gluts and thighs. So my advice is ...

Don't Get Dressed Without It!

Of course, our patients were the first to benefit.


I originally conceived this product after discovering research suggesting weight-bearing exercise as the best way to fight osteoporosis. There are about 1.5 MILLION hip fractures every year in America. It happens to females 4 times as often as to males.

According to the research, most of those fractures could probably have been prevented if more people performed more weight bearing exercise to build up their bone mineral density.

Are you on medication for osteoporosis? If so, you should enjoy increased effectiveness if you add weight-bearing exercise, since the Wellness Belt can help fight this problem from a natural perspective.

Many, many studies point out that weight-bearing is by far the most effective approach available by far for building up the strength and thickness, health and resiliency of our hips. This happens naturally by simply using our bodies more and making the bones work a little more by bearing the extra weight of the Wellness Belt.

Osteoporosis is commonly thought of as a woman's problem, but 25% of those 1.5 million annual fractures happen to men. Why do women suffer more than men in this way?

Well, men are bigger and heavier, so men's hips are bearing more weight throughout their lives.

It has been suggested that our wives help us men out by giving us our "honey do" lists thus keeping us on our feet, actively bearing our own weight for many extra hours every dayJ

It has been known for decades that if you x-ray a person's hips before and after a weight gain, the bones will appear thicker and more dense afterward.

That's exactly why big, heavy people are at lower risk for osteoporosis and thin, light individuals are higher risk.

However, I must opint out that bone mineral density has a great deal more to do with how much weight the bone is bearing (natural mechanical forces) than it has to do with ovaries and artificial estrogen therapy (chemical forces).

There are now serious concerns regarding the current set of medications for osteoporosis. First of all, the stated goal of these meds is merely to slow down the speed of bone loss temporarily. Frankly, that isn’t much to get excited about.

Moreover, it has recently become public that the medication functions by actually killing normal, healthy bone cells (osteoclasts). If this is correct, it would be no different than using chemotherapy to eradicate normal healthy bone cells that we need for our health and lives. That is unconscionable and cruel but it is what it is, unfortunately.

Because of that, there is great pressure to have these medications banned by the FDA. Personally, I wouldn't want anyone I love to be on any such meds. Besides there is a much better way - much more effective and no nasty medical side effects such as the common occurrence of brittle bones and jawnbone death from the medications.

The Wellness Belt simply makes you heavier (externally) causing your hips to bear more weight, and causing them to thicken and strengthen naturally anytime you are on your feet. 

That is how we normally naturally function to make our bones stronger and thicker.

Think about it: if you are on your feet for 30 hours a week, that's 30 hours your hips are supporting an extra 8 pounds or so.

That is far more effective than going to the gym and lifting weights for say, 3 hours a week.

Three hours is a lot of physical activity, but it is a lot less weight-bearing than that provided by the Wellness Belt over 30 hours!

Your hip bones could become stronger by just wearing your Wellness Belt. Concern about osteoporosis can become a thing of the past. So you can actually choose to put that concern out of your life.

Therefore, to a great extent, whether you get a hip fracture from osteoporosis or not is now a simple lifestyle choice! 

No sooner did our patients begin using their Wellness Belts than they began to tell us that they were losing inches and weight around the midsection, and their menstrual cramping and back pain was going away.

Are you aware that men who lose 11 pounds reduce their risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 36%?

As for back pain, we discovered clinically that on occasion a patient might worsen slightly. This is very uncommon - perhaps 1 out of every 100 cases and it is always temporary.

We do not recommend the Wellness Belt if that occurs. But the only way to know how it affects your back pain is to wear it for a few minutes.

I personally lost 15 pounds in the first 6 weeks. I went from a 40" to a 38" pants size. As I write this I have just begun wearing 36" pants.

I noticed very early on what many others have told me that they also have experienced: when I take the Wellness Belt off at the end of the day, I almost feel like I can float!

Going up a flight of stairs is almost effortless. You feel incredibly light on your feet. It is like the baseball player who uses a weight on his bat in the on-deck circle. Once the weights are removed, he has what feels like a hollow bat in his hands and can easily generate more bat speed with what feels like the same effort.

Now, please let me explain a delicious irony about this amazing product:

  • people who have a little fat to lose actually burn it off by doing the extra exercise caused by the Wellness Belt
  • But if you're already thin, don't worry! The Wellness Belt won't make you thinner. It actually builds the muscles of your abs, buttocks and legs which cause you to gain muscle mass and you will likely gain weight. Also thin people are at greater risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture precisely because of their lower body weight. And the Wellness Belt's extra weight creates an increased, sustained downward pressure on the hip bones, actually making them intake calcium and increase bone mineral density. That is reversal of osteoporosis and osteopenia. Weight-bearing exercise is natural, it is what we are designed to do, and it is recommended by many sources to be the MOST effective way to increase bone mineral density and prevent hip fractures.

A cascade of wonderful things happens to you if you increase your level of activity.


First of all, your muscles must work a little harder for all those hours you're on your feet every day.

Those muscles need oxygen and glucose, which is delivered via the bloodstream.

So your heart must work continuously a little more than it did before you began wearing your Wellness Belt, because it must supply your muscles with more oxygen and glucose, plus take away the waste products for elimination.

So the heart, like any muscle, becomes stronger and stronger, day after day.

Strong hearts are less likely to suffer heart attacks. Plain and simple.

Heart attack is the #1 killer of both men and women today. If you want to reduce your risk of heart attack, simply put on a Wellness Belt and forget about it!

But, the cascade of wonderful things does not end there ...

Your increased fitness level extends to your arteries and veins. It causes your muscles and organs to burn off fat.

Weight-bearing exercise is known to lower your blood pressure if you're hypertensive.

LDL (bad) cholesterol is burned for muscle fuel and the blood levels are known to lower as a result of weight-bearing exercise.

These are MAJOR, live changing positives.

A person experiencing these improvements will feel more energy, strength and stamina.

Life is more fun this way - I know - I have experienced this personally and so have thousands of our patients and customers.

And that's not all! As chiropractors, we are very familiar with the negative effects of bad posture ... Slouching can be unattractive.

A head which is positioned too far forward can be the source of headaches, migraines and tension around the shoulders. 

Often there is chronic upper and lower back pain because of the improper pelvic tilt. 

After a while, as it wears and tears it way over time and progresses into neurological impingement syndromes such as sciatica, stenosis, facet syndromes and many others, there may be referred pain, burning, numbness and other uncomfortable symptoms radiating down into the person's legs or arms.

So we designed the Wellness Belt to make a correction to your posture by reducing your pelvic tilt that is so common among the general population today.

The weights are distributed to gently bring your pelvis back toward its proper position.

 This in turn, causes your spine to approach its proper healthy alignment.

This is why the Wellness Belt is able to help the great majority of chronic back condition sufferers. Right now the number is up to 93%! Nothing else on the planet comes remotely close to that.

That repositioning of the spine removes some of the pressure and irritation from the most commonly affected structures of the lower back and gives those structures a chance to settle down. It quickly takes the pressure off the nerves.

The lower irritation then commonly allows the inflammation and pain to reduce as well.

This repositioning seems to be the mechanism for another interesting clinical observation: nearly 100% of women experiencing menstrual cramping experienced instant relief when wearing their Wellness Belt.

This is effective when they are standing, however. As soon as they sit, the cramping restarts.

However, the relief allows them to function on days when normally they would have had great difficulty participating in normal daily activities.

The Wellness Belt helps so many individuals in so many ways.

It can help you, too! But not unless you are wearing one!

So to help you become the “you” that you want to become, we're extending a temporary offer.

This product has been valued at over five hundred dollars because it is a Medical Device, it contains proprietary technology to make it comfortable and effective, and it is made with the best quality materials.

All Wellness Belts are hand-crafted using only Top Grain, Quality, Imported Bridle Leather. These beautiful and rugged materials are tanned with special tallows and dyes that acquire a deep hue over time. Available in Black, these quality leathers combined with the highest thread count available in a durable nylon woven blend stretch material, specifically designed for use in the Wellness Belt, ensuring many years of comfortable wear.

A buckle made of Zinc Alloy is included.

Weighted components of metal alloys are constructed for comfortable wear on the human body. Despite supporting additional weight, most users actually forget that they have it on until someone comments on its stylish appearance.

A membership at the club or gym typically costs over five hundred dollars, and you still must sacrifice many hours per week out of your busy schedule to take advantage of it.

Treadmills and other personal equipment typically cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Actually, used exercise equipment is relatively inexpensive and widely available at "fire sale" prices. You can purchase them used for next to nothing from the original owners. 

Why is that? Well, it's simply because people start out with good intentions of working out, but they gradually get "too busy" again, and before long their treadmill is in the garage, or at the end of the driveway, or in the "Buy & Sell 2nd Hand" listings.

But please don't get the impression that the Wellness Belt is only for those who aren't exercising regularly.

If you already have a regular exercise program, please understand this:

Adding the Wellness Belt to your life should greatly enhance the exercise benefits you are now working very hard to achieve and allow you to achieve your goals sooner.

That's because it multiplies the amount of actual exercise you're performing when you do those thousands of body movements that you do every hour of every day when you're not "officially" working out!

So I suggest that you wear your Wellness Belt when you are working out AND when you're NOT working out.

That way you'll get double the benefits!

The BEST way to protect yourself from the runaway costs of health care is to become healthier!

Your Wellness Belt can not only help you there, you can get healthy in STYLE! It is a beautiful article of clothing.

Women can even accessorize it with shoes and purse.

But if you act now, you won't pay $500 or $400 or even $300 for this convenient, effective and attractive product.

Here's a quick recap of some of the amazing physiological benefits you are about to begin enjoying, even though YOU are TOO BUSY to do the necessary weight-bearing exercise... 

  • Quick, simple loss of Inches and / or Weight. Are you looking to melt away those layers of fat and see your abs once again?
  • Helps fight Childhood Obesity and give kids a better start in life
  • Improves Posture, correcting Spinal Alignment and improving your Appearance
  • Reduces or Eliminates Chronic Back Conditions for almost 100% of sufferers!
  • Builds, Strengthens, Tones and increases Endurance of Your Muscles of  your Legs, Buttocks and Abs and Heart so you can participate in some of those fun things that you have had to pass up on
  • Increases your Energy Levels
  • Reduces your risk of Heart Attack and Stroke so you can stop worrying
  • Helps Prevent Osteoporosis, Strengthens Hip Bones so you can stop being concerned about Fracturing your hip and falling
  • Improves Gait Stability by strengthening your leg muscles, so you are less likely to fall and break a hip as you get older
  • Strengthens the knee muscles, thus eliminating knee problems for up to 75% of people with bad knees.
  • Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer by 36% for men who lose only 11 Pounds!
  • Lowers your Blood Pressure if you are Hypertensive
  • Lowers your Bad Cholesterol
  • Enhances Stamina and General Fitness overall which makes you feel less Stress, Tension and Fatigue and perhaps you will be able to beat your kids at tennis!
  • Reduces or eliminates shoulder slouch and tension
  • Reduces or eliminates neck tension, increasing range of motion, reducing headaches and other neck-generated problems

What is great health worth?

What is great health worth to you?

If you could have any ONE of the wonderful health improvements in that list, what would it be worth to you?

If you were to ask someone who has lost their health what it would be worth to have it restored you might be shocked at the high value they would put on it.

Think about it … restoring YOUR health is exactly what I’m talking about for YOU, and at a very low cost.

You have probably been too busy to make sure that you are getting your necessary amount of physical activity and you may even have noticed some health or fitness issues come to the fore.

Now you have an opportunity to acquire an incredibly convenient way to turn that around and restore YOUR health.

Since your health is what's most important to me, I have worked very hard to be able to offer our Wellness Belt starting at a deep discount price per belt, and I am so confident that you will be convinced that this is an incredible value that I will include a 90 day money-back satisfaction guarantee* - remember, that's lower than a typical club membership fee and no health club gives a 90 day money-back guarantee!

That's right! You can take a full 90 days to try the amazing Wellness Belt and see what happens to your own personal health and fitness.

Your bad back could become a good back within a few days. That is typical.

Imagine all the inches you'll lose in the first 30 days alone.

No more sleepless nights worrying about your health!

Plus if you aren't satisfied or it doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be stuck with it.

If in the unlikely case that your Wellness Belt doesn't deliver, just return it, and we'll refund the entire product cost right up to the final day of this 90 day guarantee.

Wouldn't you agree that this product makes a lot of common sense?

Can you see how easy it is to understand how it works?

Wouldn't you like to find out how quickly your bad back disappears and your midriff shrinks?

If you've decided that it's time to do something for yourself that can easily provide you with so many major health and fitness benefits and is easily worth hundreds of dollars more than its current price, here's how to claim your own personal Wellness Belt - just click on the picture of the Wellness Belt above and choose your size and weight.

You will receive an email confirmation of your order automatically - and the whole process should take less than 5 minutes using our secure server.

The savings will show as you check out on the website ... just go ahead and order now!

This is Risk-Free because there is a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

But, just in case you're still hesitating, please let me help you evaluate your options ...

Option #1: you could choose to do nothing. Some people just like things the way they are. If you're completely satisfied with the way your health and fitness is, and your back is at present, then this option probably makes sense. But, let's face it ... you probably wouldn't have read this far if you weren't motivated to make effective, positive changes in this area of your life without having to invest a boatload of time and money working out or taking meds or therapy, would you? Let's take a look at your other options.

Option #2:  You could invest a lot more money than needed for your Wellness Belt, (plus the time necessary to acquire the necessary exercise or intervention) into fitness equipment or a club membership, or medications, or physicians, or therapy, etc, etc. But you may end up like most people and only keep it up for a short while. Then you'll be out the money and the time ... and when you stop, you will shortly be back where you started. Please note that none of the other options come with a RISK-FREE 90 Day Unconditional Full Money Back Guarantee as does the Wellness Belt.

Option #3: you can keep researching - looking for some other way to get fit, rid of the bad back or lose that body fat that somehow is more convenient and effective and less of an investment. I already know that it doesn't exist, but if it did, would there be the 90 day guarantee? Lots and lots of people never make a decision, because they are always looking for "more info". Opportunities pass them by and they never make the changes they need to become healthier. Don’t let that happen to you. Those who don't have time for Wellness will sooner or later have to make time for illness, unfortunately.

Option #4: you can become another happy Wellness Belt customer and begin to enjoy its long list of major positive health and fitness benefits as quickly as we can get it into your hands!

Which option makes the most sense to you? I thought so!

P.S. Don't let this risk-free offer pass you by! Only about 10% of the population is getting enough weight-bearing exercise to improve and sustain their health and fitness. Just look at the people around you - our North American population is not looking very trim these days. It doesn't have to be that way for you! How many people with bad backs are able to have their problem eliminated? That is very rare.

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Dr. Craig Curphey, Co-Inventor

* The Wellness Belt carries a MONEY BACK  guarantee of the purchase price for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase upon the customer being completely satisfied with the performance of the product.  Refunds are only issued for products and taxes. Shipping charges and taxes on shipping on the original order are non-refundable.

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What is a Wellness BELT?

The Wellness BELT is an effective "drug-free" solution for chronic back pain, osteoporosis, improved gait stability, knee and hip strengthening, and excess body fat!